About Us

About us

FeetOffGround is a concept born out of the sheer love for adventure and the outdoors. We are climbers at heart and would like to get everyone to experience the joy of climbing first hand.  Be it on natural rock or on our custom made sport climbing/bouldering walls or on our unique high/medium rope courses.

We believe in the advantage of an early start to a sport and the impact that early exposure to good experiences can have on a young mind. So, we work with children, both to introduce them to the sport of rock climbing and to provide a safe platform for children to experience the outdoors. We have designed and built many kid specific walls and play systems and we use our expertise in the outdoors to enable them to become better individuals through outdoor and wilderness experiences.

With a lot of care and attention to detail, we have designed and developed products and systems that cater to safety of the participants, be it on a climbing wall or on a rope course or a play system.

This move away from retail and into services and creation is our new identity and we’d like to call it FeetOffGround version 2.0. Remaining true to our name, we continue to use our extensive experience in rigging/using climbing equipment and provide solutions to any scenario that requires your feet off the ground.

Store at Church Street, Bangalore – 2012 to 2015

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Store at Play Arena, Bangalore – 2014 to 2015

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Aalok Bharadwaj

Aalok is the brain and work behind FeetOffGround. He put together his amateur design skills and fabrication experience to setup both the stores of FeetOffGround. Being a climber for over 25 years, he set out with a vision to get more people to climb rock. He is the designer of all FeetOffGround walls and products that we put out into the market.

Having further honed his design skills, he now designs and helps prototype many other climbing elements and climbing solutions.

3 years of operating the store and interacting with different age groups of people, he realized that he is passionate about working with children to provide a safe and holistic platform for them to experience a healthy outdoor lifestyle.  He is introducing Children’s Workshops from this year on.

He is a climber at heart and a slacklining evangelist.

He holds a Masters Degree in Biomedical Engineering from UNSW, Australia.