Continuous Belay Systems

Traditionally, rope courses use 2 carabiners on the safety line that attached to your harness using ropes/webbing slings. To bypass a tree/pillar, one is required to unclip one carabiner, clip it to the safety line on the next element around the tree/pillar, then unclip the 2nd carabiner and clip it back next to the first. There is always a risk when someone is un-attaching themselves from the safety line for the first time. Hence, supervision is a must at each transition. These risks can be overcome by a continuos belay system.

Continuous belay is a system that allows the participant to safely transition across pillars/trees without needing to clip or unclip.

Once the continuous belay is into the safety line at the beginning of the course, it cannot be removed until the end and all transitions across pillars/trees are continuous. Because of the continuous nature of this belay, there is less supervision required on rope course that come fitted with these systems.

We have continuous belay systems available for adventure park owners to take advantage of. Give us a call to find out more and request a quote.