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What are the benefits of Climbing?

It’s a great cardio workout that simultaneously tones those neglected muscles. Improves dexterity, balance, concentration and endurance. Builds confidence by making you push your limits of what you thought was possible.

How safe is climbing?

Very safe if practiced properly. There are usually a set of rules to follow and you can focus on your routes and push your limits when safety becomes a habit.

Do I need to have upper body strength to be able to climb?

No, this is a myth and is wrongly demonstrated in movies. You need to use your feet to climb, your feet can bear your body weight. Your hands are only there to keep you on the wall.

What are the different types of Climbing walls?

Bouldering: This is climbing in its elemental form – no ropes, no gear. The climber moves from hold to hold on walls up to 16ft high, protected by a crash pad. Without the need for roped equipment, the climber is free to experiment with basic or complex moves in relative safety. Bouldering has become a sport in itself, one that tests both mind and body. Modular holds are provided along with the wall which can be rearranged to simulate routes of varying grades. Specific walls are designed based on the requirement and other factors like space, budget, etc.

Sport Climbing: This type of climbing is done on comparatively taller walls that require specific gear to climb them. It’s the perfect training ground before you head out to the rock.

Age-specific walls: There’s no age restriction in climbing and like any other sport, an early start is beneficial. We design walls to suit anywhere from the neighbourhood playground to your backyard so your child can get a preview to the joy of climbing while improving his/her Gross and Fine Motor Skills. Check out the MiniMighty (Link), our ready-to-install climbing wall for kids.

Why do I need a climbing wall?

For your home: Your private 24/ 7 family workout. Every climb is unique and with your own personal wall, you can choose from over a thousand different combinations to ensure that monotony never creeps in.

For the office: It’s proven that productivity is increased when the mind and body are engaged in an unrelated activity from ones work. So no more staring endlessly at a screen, waiting for the proverbial bulb to light up. Instead, take a break and start climbing!

For Communities: Living complexes are always looking for activities to bring together the people living in them. And what better way than a sport that can bring about the spirit of community living. Climbing is a great way to bond with your neighbours.

Why not just drill holes in my existing concrete/brick wall at home and install holds directly into them?

You can certainly do that, but that will limit your usage. You wont be able to change the holds or re-orient them or re-arrange them. Once fixed, they become permanent. Besides, the coolness of a climbing wall comes from its design. That is why we are are in business. Give us a call to get your very own unique climbing wall.

I’ve seen walls that have undulations and contours on them. Will I be needing something like that?

No, our walls come with flat surfaces. Having climbed on different walls across the world, we can tell you that there isn’t a need for a contoured surface. A flat surface climbing, but a well designed one will give you just the same experience.

What will I need if I want a climbing wall at my office/home

Space – indoor or outdoor. Give us an existing wall, or pillars, or trees and we can build you a wall that supports itself against them. If not, no worries, we have solutions to build stand alone walls with or without foundations. Give us a call to find out more.

What will I get when I order a climbing wall?

We will discuss your requirement with you and then depending on what you’ve ordered, you will get a climbing wall made from plywood / fibre-coated plywood / pure fibre / aluminium alloy / concrete.

The support structure is almost always metal framework.

The wall will include Modular holds that come in various shapes, types and colours which are finger and tendon friendly.

For a custom made wall, you’ll get guaranteed unique design that’s tailor-made for you.

We’ll transport your wall from our workshop in Bangalore where we fabricate it and install it at your site.

Will I need more gear?

Yes, a crash pad is a must for a bouldering wall, nothing else is essential. Although climbing will be better with specific climbing shoes, you can start either with canvas shoes or bare feet.  For larger walls, you’ll need harnesses, ropes, carabiners and other gear too. For the higher budgeted climbing walls, we can supply auto-belay devices too. Give us a call to know more.

What happens if I fall?

On a bouldering wall, you must learn how to fall. You should always climb with a crash pad and a spotter. Your crash pad should be tough enough to absorb and dissipate the impact but also not too tough risking an injury on fall.

Why are there so many holes in my climbing wall?

Each panel of your climbing wall comes with several T-Nuts that are placed on the back of the climbing surface in a triangular pitch. These T-Nuts secure the holds on your panels using the M10 Allen Bolts provided. You couldn’t fasten a hold to your panel otherwise.

Can I add more holds?

Yes, you can purchase holds from us or use any other hold that can take a standard M10 bolt.

How do I change the holds?

Use the allen key provided to unscrew the allen bolt by turning anti-clockwise. Now, reorient, or re-position to a new hole and tighten the allen bolt using the allen key by turning clockwise until it is fairly tight. REMEMBER IF NOT PROPERLY TIGHTENED, THE HOLD CAN TURN UNDER LOAD. This doesn’t mean however that you need to over tighten it.