Walls we have built

Check out our Climbing Walls page first before you continue to see the walls we have built.

We’ve built over 5000 sqft of climbing walls so far…!!

Climbing Walls we have built

Inventure Academy, Bangalore. ↓↓ [Climbing Wall] [Scrap Metal] [Industrial theme] [Snakes & Ladders] [Bicycle Components] [Built by kids]]

Individual, Bangalore. ↓↓ [Mini Mighty] [Aluminium Alloy] [Kid Friendly Holds]

Individual, Bangalore. ↓↓ [Two faced] [Plywood] [Self standing]

Red Point Climbing Cafe, Hyderabad. ↓↓ [Plywood] [Multiple planels] [Various degrees of overhang]

Individual, Bangalore. ↓↓ [Plywood] [ Self standing] [Portable]

Casa Grande Arena, Chennai. ↓↓ [Aluminium Alloy] [Kid Friendly Holds]

Casa Grande Pavillion, Chennai. ↓↓ [Plywood] [Kid friendly holds]

Divyasree 77 Degree Place, Bangalore. ↓↓ [Full fibre] [Spider web] [Mixed holds]

Jellyfish Water Sports, Calicut. ↓↓ [Plywood] [Indoors]

O2 Fitness, Bangalore. ↓↓ [Mini Mighty] [ Plywood]

Play Junior, Bangalore. ↓↓ [Mini Mighty] [Aluminium alloy] [Self standing] [Mixed holds] [Raw Aluminium finish]

Ranka Heights, Bangalore. ↓↓ [Mini Mighty] [Type-2] [Aluminium alloy] [Mixed holds]

RMZ Ecoworld, Bangalore. ↓↓ [Fibre coated Plywood] [Outdoors]

Tata Steel Adventure Foundation, Jamshedpur. ↓↓ [Fire coated Plywood] [3-D design] [Various degrees of overhang] [Volumes] [Cuts]