Other Projects

Remaining true to our name, we try to put our extensive experience in rigging/using of climbing equipment to provide solutions to any scenario that requires your feet off the ground. Here are some examples of work we have done in other projects that are not in the climbing or adventure space.

Aerial Dance: We work with dance troops to rig aerial dance performances on stage or against vertical walls.

Window Cleaning: We work with companies in the rope access work industry to develop rigs that are used to anchor the rope access personnel before they rappel off to do their job.

Patient Lifting Systems: We have developed a simple pulley rig that attaches to the wall and ceiling of a home that can aid in lifting and supporting patients in rehab. This can be extended to Patient Mobility systems which involve either tracks on the roof or a stand alone Patient Lift with wheels to move.

Multi Bay Bicycle Parking: We have designed and fabricated two types of parking stands for cycles. We are continuing to work on different designs so that apartment complexes, clubs and corporates can have a variety to choose from.

If there are any other areas you can see us contributing, give us a call and we’d love to explore it further.