Among the many services we offer, we prefer working with children. Hence we offer kid’s programs to enable them to tap into their unique self and grow exponentially from there; through outdoor experiential learning.

Kid’s Programs

Since we first started out in 2012, we have believed that our purpose is to gently nudge the spirit of adventure, which is dormant in so many of us and experience the thrill of it firsthand. To add value to what we bring to the table, we have partnered with Ficus ideas, a company born out of an inherent belief that when individuals are enabled to learn and grow in a way that is true to their uniqueness, their contribution to all that they do grows exponentially in value; to put it simply, an inward flowering. Check out more about Ficus Ideas HERE

Although we are two different companies, we discovered a synergy in working with kids –  to bring out the best in them using the outdoors as a tool.

This program is based on the following principles:

  • Inward Flowering * – Bringing out what they are born to be; in other words building them for success just by being who they are. *J Krishnamurthy
  • ‘Learn to Learn’ – focusing on how to learn rather than what to learn.

Expected Program Outcome

  • Risk taking
    • Understanding fear – being comfortable with it and working towards accepting it, and not allowing it to stop you.
  • Collaboration
    • Learning to listen.
    • Leaning to be responsible and accountable  towards the task at hand, towards others and towards themselves.
    • Learning to trust.
  • Leadership
    • Understanding what it means to Lead.
  • Being a Responsible citizen
    • Being compassionate to yourself, to people around you and to the Earth you live on.

We work closely with a campsite to enable and host these kids programs. Watch this space for upcoming workshops.